2019 Road to Mammoth Glen Helen Race Report

Sunday February 17, the Glen Helen Raceway featured some good competitive action for the second race in the Road to Mammoth series.  The track crew provided a well prepped track but the weather delivered a curveball in the afternoon that challenged the riders with rain soaked second motos.   

Zac Carmichael

In the 50cc 6-8 class, Zac Carmichael went 1-1 for the overall win, followed by Jamison Posca. What made this win particularly remarkable was that just the night before, he raced and won the KTM Junior Supercross class in Arlington, Texas.  In the 65cc 7-9 class, Vincent Wey was consistent and fast with 1-2 finishes that earned victory over the 4-1 results of Aidan Zingg.  Moving up to the 65cc 10-11 and 65cc open classes, Alvin Hillan dominated the competition while Crew Ketton’s 3-3 finishes in both of these classes earned him the second spot on the podium.

Talan Van Valkenberg

In the larger minis, beginning with the 85cc 9-12, Jeremy Fappani had the speed to win, but it was the consistency of Talan Van Valkenberg that won the overall with 3-1 finishes.  In the older age group 85cc mini sr. classes, it was all about Kawasaki mounted Ryder Difrancesco who made a statement with scorching lap times and swept all four moto wins.  Jeremy Fappani earned second overall finishes in both of the mini sr. classes but was unable to match Ryder’s impressive lap times.  As for supermini 1 & 2 classes, Team Green’s Jett Reynolds left his mark with a sweep of 4 moto wins in the two classes with Talon Hawkins earning second overall in both supermini classes.


Moving up to the big bikes, Brandon Ray was the one to watch with 3 moto wins in the 125cc and schoolboy 1 classes, but mistakes allowed the consistency of Andrew Hertzeler to snatch the overall win in 125cc B/C and second place in schoolboy 1.  In schoolboy 2 and 250B classes, Jarrett Frye made the trip from Maryland to southern California worth the effort by sweeping all 4 motos with wins while fending off formidable competition from the Suzuki of Dilan Schwartz and the Yamaha of Matt LeBlanc.

In the 450 B class, Frye, Schwartz, and LeBlanc would once again do battle and earn overall results in that order respectively.

In the FMF 2-stroke open class, there were bikes of all sizes but the big battle was between Brandon Ray on a Honda CR500 who took the first moto win and Jy Leavitt of Nevada who went 2-1 for victory on his TM 250.  For the women 12+ group, there was no stopping the #50 KTM of Viviana Contreras who enjoyed a substantial lap time advantage over her other competitors.  Alison Bushnell and Nicole Pitel-Vaughan rounded out the podium in the women’s group.

In the 250 pro class, Jett Lawrence and Joe Shimoda tried to chase down Lance Kobusch with faster lap times but Lance was able get his Suzuki out front at the start and stay there in both motos to finish 1-1. 

In the 450 pro class, Joe Shimoda put his Honda on the top step of the podium over Lance Kobusch and Jett Lawrence.  McClellan Hile did have a spectacular start in the very muddy second moto and held the lead for most of the laps before falling back to 3rd place for a 4th overall.

For the vet expert groups, Jeff Loop of Claremont California swept moto wins in 25+ A/B/C and 30+ pro while Shawn Bushnell edged out Shaun Palmer for the win in the 40A class.  Shaun Palmer was unopposed in the 50A class.  In the 30B class, Corey Gatz picked up the overall with a pair of moto wins and in the 40B, Steve Roberts got the overall win with 3-1 finishes over Bay Area OTHG member, Jeff Whitaker who finished 5-2.

In two weeks, the next round will be held at DT-1 in Tulare and we’re looking forward to some great racing and see which riders can show their best in the King of the West series.